What We Offer

“When we shift our perception, our experience changes.”
Lindsay Wagner

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We offer holistic coaching and training to individuals, teams and organisations to transform leadership and health though the following packages:

One-to-one coaching

We are experts at coaching in the following areas:

All one-to-one coaching includes a free 30 minute discovery call, a questionnaire to set goals, six or more coaching sessions online or in-person, and optional three-way contracting with your organisation.

One-to-one coaching and wellbeing

This option includes one-to-one coaching and a focus on wellbeing as well as work goals. The 4-6 month programme includes a starter pack and 60 minute discovery call, six or more one-to-one coaching sessions, regular check-ins for motivation, and tailored resources and exercises between sessions. Other types of support are available to embed healthier habits including Qigong, yoga, CBT therapy, neurodiversity coaching, coaching outdoors, Reiki energy healing, nutritional support and trauma therapy (EMDR).

Health coach training

We provide high quality half, two day and bespoke holistic health coach and communication skills training for clinicians and their teams to elicit behaviour change and improve overall satisfaction. The multidisciplinary training is delivered by pioneers of NHS health coaching and an expert team familiar with clinical practice. It considers a clinician’s relationship to self, their team and clients to embed a patient centred dynamic, enable patients to take greater control and self-manage and build team cohesion.  

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Healing and holistic health for organisations

We partner with organisations to design social movements and training around the concept of healing. Modern society is struggling to address human suffering. We believe the concept of healing, described as a “reconciliation with life”, can actively engage individuals in their own self-healing journey and give hope, improve health, create acceptance, and encourage more humane and sustainable health and care systems.  

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By using Hǣlan coaching and other services you will automatically become a member of a community for promoting holistic health with access to podcasts, events and gatherings.