What we care about

“Being safe is about being seen and heard and allowed to be who you are and to speak your truth.” 
Dr Rachel Naomi Ramen

Executive and career coaching

Coaching and effective, caring communication is our passionWe know it changes lives. Evidence shows coaching can improve leadership and clinician well-being, job satisfaction, behaviours, motivation and performance, and patient care. It can aid personal metamorphosis to become more aligned with potential. We offer high quality, accredited Executive and career coaching with coaches who have walked in your shoes.

Creativity and Innovation

Innovation leadership is the use of innovative thinking and the leadership that supports it. Creativity is in our DNA. We know it’s crucial for success and replenishment. Our coaching methods support creativity and its implementation (innovation), drawing on, amongst others, neuroscience, positive psychology, embodied approaches and imagery that tap into an otherwise unknown pool of support.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to building a more equitable workplace and world, and recognise the power of difference and diverse thinking.  We coach to opens minds and bridge gaps. We help individuals understand and value themselves, consider other perspectives, and challenge unconscious bias. Our particular expertise is gender equality and dual income careers.

See our report with UN Women on GENDER EQUALITY

Holistic health

Although coaching alone is effective, true transformation occurs when people take active responsibility for their goals. To support this, we focus on personal goals and wellbeing in addition to work and performance to improve overall success, health and happiness.

Read more about the McKinsey study on HOLISTIC HEALTH

Coaching and healing

Rather than push harder in the face of adversity (resilience), taking time to recover (self-healing) can be a transformative process. We define healing as an innate, dynamic and evolving potentially life-long restoration, integrating mind, body and heart, toward wholeness and ease. We all have areas in need of healing that can limit our potential. Coaching can create a space to uncover the unique blend of self-healing needed, enhanced by other supportive modalities.

Healthy health and care systems

At an organisational level we believe that a greater focus on the whole person as employee, patient or citizen, and engaging them in their own health and healing, will result in a more realistic, sustainable and humane health and care system.  We work with organisations to achieve this.

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