Hǣlan – the state of being hal or whole, deriv. heal and health

“A tree lives on its roots. If you change the root, you change the tree.”
Jane Hirshfield


Are you a healthcare professional wanting to add value but work takes too much from you?

Helping others can be fulfilling, and equally stressful and exhausting.  Systems and people meant to help can get in the way.

We understand. 

We care for those who care. We’re here to help you thrive in the face of complexity, and care in what can be an uncaring environment.

see the wood for the trees

Organisational change is inseparable from individual change.

An increasingly unpredictable economic, political and social environment, requires questioning core assumptions and how things work, in other words, learning to lead yourself.

Hǣlan coaching offers a safe, creative space to reimagine what’s possible and gain clarity. Instead of just carrying on, we’ll help you develop strong roots that support meaningful actions and sustain new behaviours, fed by your values.

come to your senses

Nurturing the whole person helps people flourish rather than burn out. We offer coaching and training for the whole human in healthcare and other helping professions through a multidisciplinary approach that listens to the mind, body and heart.

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